Source code for jinja2schema.exceptions

# coding: utf-8
from jinja2schema.model import Scalar

[docs]class InferException(Exception): """Base class for jinja2schema exceptions."""
[docs]class MergeException(InferException): """Conflict of merging two structures. .. attribute:: fst :class:`Variable` .. attribute:: snd :class:`Variable` """ def __init__(self, fst, snd): self.fst = fst self.snd = snd def __str__(self): get_label = lambda s: 'unnamed variable' if s.label is None else 'variable "{0}"'.format(s.label) def get_usage(s): return s.__class__.__name__.lower() get_linenos = lambda s: ', '.join(map(str, s.linenos)) return ('{fst_label} (used as {fst_usage} on lines {fst_linenos}) conflicts with ' '{snd_label} (used as {snd_usage} on lines: {snd_linenos})').format( fst_label=get_label(self.fst), snd_label=get_label(self.snd), fst_usage=get_usage(self.fst), snd_usage=get_usage(self.snd), fst_linenos=get_linenos(self.fst), snd_linenos=get_linenos(self.snd))
[docs]class UnexpectedExpression(InferException): """Raised when a visitor was expecting compatibility with :attr:`expected_struct`, but got :attr:`actual_ast` of structure :attr:`actual_struct`. Compatibility is checked by merging expected structure with actual one. .. attribute:: expected_struct expected :class:`.model.Variable` .. attribute:: actual_ast actual :class:`jinja2.nodes.Node` .. attribute:: actual_ast :class:`.model.Variable` described by ``actual_ast`` """ def __init__(self, expected_struct, actual_ast, actual_struct): self.expected_struct = expected_struct self.actual_ast = actual_ast self.actual_struct = actual_struct def __str__(self): return ('conflict on the line {lineno}\n' 'got: AST node jinja2.nodes.{node} of structure {actual_struct}\n' 'expected structure: {expected_struct}').format( lineno=self.actual_ast.lineno, node=self.actual_ast.__class__.__name__, actual_struct=self.actual_struct, expected_struct=self.expected_struct)
[docs]class InvalidExpression(InferException): """Raised when a template uses Jinja2 features that are not supported by the library or when a template contains incorrect expressions (i.e., such as applying ``divisibleby`` filter without an argument). .. attribute:: ast :class:`jinja2.nodes.Node` caused the exception """ def __init__(self, ast, message): self.ast = ast self.message = message def __str__(self): return 'line {0}: {1}'.format(self.ast.lineno, self.message)